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In Israel, United Hatzalah Gains Permit To Operate Intensive Care Ambulances Without A Doctor Present

By 08/16/2021 3:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The Israeli Health Ministry has granted United Hatzalah the permission to operate its mobile intensive care ambulances without the earlier mandated presence of a doctor on board.

The second organization to be given this permission, United Hatzalah will now be able to dispatch MICU ambulances without a physician on board, thus enabling the organization to have more of these ambulances on the road and provide more services to the public in a far easier and less costly manner. 

Source: United Hatzalah

The first of these permits were given to Magen David Adom in 201, wherein physicians were no longer required in the MICU ambulance to undertake tasks such as pronouncing death in the field, administering life-saving medications during CPR, and others. However, that rule still applied to all other ambulance organizations across the country including United Hatzalah, until now. 

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer praised the decision, saying, “This was the culmination of a process that began years ago when we first began to operate mobile intensive care ambulances and requested the ability to do so without having a physician on board…This will in turn save many lives. I also want to thank our volunteers who are providing all of their services free of charge and to the rest of the leadership of United Hatzalah who are working tirelessly every day to make our organization bigger and better. Through their hard work, we are increasing our level of care and dedication while lowering our response times every day in order to better serve the people of Israel.”


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