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In Light of Rising Infections, Israel’s Chabad Rabbanim Urges Parents Not To Send Young Bochurim To 770 For Tishrei

By 08/24/2021 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

With the current surge in infections across Israel, and also the US, the Chabad Rabbanim have beseeched parents not to send young bochurim 770 Eastern Parkway, the world-famous Chabad-Lubavitch Headquarters, during the month of Tishrei.

In a letter addressed to parents of their talmidim, the Rabbanim wrote that although the advantages of traveling to 770 for Tishrei are well-known and normally the yeshivos encourage it, this year the extent of coronavirus infections is more worrisome in Israel and around the world. 

Source: Chabadinfo

The letter read, “The Roshei Yeshivos and administrators met with the administration of Vaad HaTemimim HaOlami to discuss if it would be responsible or correct for us to send young talmidim at this time since it’s been proven that even those vaccinated or recovered can contract COVID variants. Only just recently, they are reporting on a new variant spreading in the US which severely harms children, rachmana litzlan.”

Citing numerous reasons as to why sons shouldn’t be sent to 770 this year, the letter specified that since the young men will be on their own in the US, it will be tough to monitor their health, and they may end up getting stuck in the country amidst changing travel restrictions in both Israel and the States. 

The Rabbanim concluded the letter saying, “Therefore, as those responsible for the material and ruchniyus needs of the bochurim, we are recommending not to send the young talmidim for Tishrei. We cannot take upon ourselves the responsibility for their health and welfare from afar.”


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