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In meetings in Israel, Nadams listens, but keeps his thoughts on judicial reform to himself

By 08/22/2023 5:55 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In a press conference on Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams stated that he kept his views on judicial reform to himself and listened during Meetings this week with Protest leaders and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

„I believe that Israel’s future will be decided by its people. Adams told reporters on his second day in Israel: „I believed it was important for me to meet with all sides here, because I know that when I return to the city, some of my Jewish constituents would ask me questions, and I want to be able to convey what my conversations were.“

He claimed, „I did not express my opinion in any way.“ I have a lot of problems in my Community, and I wouldn’t want anyone to interfere with the way I solve them. However, what takes place in Jerusalem does not remain there.

JNS questioned Adams about whether the effects of judicial reform had reached New York City, which has a thriving Israeli tech community. Leaders in the industry have expressed concern that the reforms and the resulting uncertainty may result in lower investments.

„No. We have not at all noticed an influence. A lot of tech startups continue to come to New York, according to Adams. There is a distinct interaction with investors.

Adams, who is visiting Israel for the first time since entering office, is confident that the Israelis will find a solution to their own problem. „This is one of the many chapters of this great country“, he continued, „and I think that they’ve dealt with resolutions to major issues in the past.“

Adams also had an hour-long meeting with Israel Ganz, the leader of the Binyamin Regional Council, and foreign affairs minister Eli Cohen on Tuesday at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the Big Apple’s Celebrate Israel Parade in June, Adams and Ganz had first crossed paths.

Adams „expressed keen interest in developments in Binyamin and the growth of the Jewish towns in the region”, according to the Binyamin Regional Council. Ganz and Adams also discussed „the possibility of cooperating on educational and tourism projects.”

Adams, though, avoided talking about those topics with reporters. Being a vegan, he did sample some Israeli fare, including sustainable honey, to which Netanyahu replied, „Happy New Year.“ (The woman giving him a taste also pointed out that it had been added to a „big apple.”


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