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In response to the US, Ben-Gvir says: “Any Other Army Would Have Killed Dozens in Jenin”

By 12/13/2022 10:15 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After the US State Department demanded “accountability” for the unintentional shooting of a Palestinian Arab teenager during a gunfight between IDF soldiers and Arab terrorists in Jenin, incoming national security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir responded angrily.

According to IDF spokespeople, the girl was nearby a terrorist firing at IDF personnel.

Ben-Gvir added, “The words by the American government are troubling,” and continued, “We cannot judge our soldiers as if they were operating in a laboratory situation when hundreds of bullets were fired at IDF soldiers and Border Police officers by terrorists.”

Without question, the death of the adolescent girl was tragic, but there’s also no denying that any other army in the world would have finished the kind of operation we carried out in Jenin with dozens of enemies dispatched, as opposed to using calculated precision actions.

“I urge Jenin inhabitants and the local civilian population to stay indoors when terrorists start firing at IDF soldiers. I support the Border Police personnel and IDF soldiers. They are entitled to self-defense.

Ben-Gvir was replying to Ned Price, a spokesman for the State Department, who demanded “accountability” after a 16-year-old Palestinian Arab girl died during the arrest operation in Jenin.

“We offer the family of the young teen girl who was killed, Jana Zakarneh, our sincere condolences.

This is a horrible occurrence. Every time you hear of a person being murdered during these operations, it is a tragic tragedy.

“From what we can see, the IDF is looking into what happened. In this scenario, we want to see accountability. We also note that Jana Zakarneh’s tragic death occurs in the context of the growing violence in the West Bank, which we’ve highlighted and grieved for some time. I did note that outgoing Prime Minister Lapid extended his sympathies to the family of Jana Zakarneh.


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