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In the first GOP presidential debate for 2024, tensions increase over American aid to Israel

By 08/25/2023 3:43 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In the opening Republican debate of the 2024 race for president of the United States, former U.N. Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and Ambassador Nikki Haley argued over American aid to Israel.

After the existing financial agreement, which provides Israel with $3.8 million year, ends in 2028, Ramaswamy’s suggestion to cut back on U.S. aid to the country has drawn criticism from Haley.

In his response, Ramaswamy emphasized his preference for a „friendship relationship” with Israel above a „client relationship”.

Ramaswamy was clear about his expectations for a partnership with Israel. He committed to support the 2020 Normalization Agreements between Israel and some Arab States, known as the Abraham Accords, and to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Haley, though, asserted that the United States gains from its assistance to Israel, saying, „It’s not like Israel needs America.” America requires Israel. Haley, who constantly championed Israel during her time as a U.N. representative, is more in line with party norms than Ramaswamy, whose viewpoint deviates from the traditional Republican position of continued military aid for Israel. Ambassador.

Both candidates have distinctive connections to the Israeli issue – Haley thanks to her experience in diplomacy, and Ramaswamy thanks to his trips to Israel and connections to a Yale University Jewish Club.

Even though Ramaswamy and Haley got in a fight about it, the other contestants on stage declined to participate.

Asa Hutchinson, a former governor of Arkansas, was observed to be wearing a pin with both the American and Israeli flags, indicating his position on the matter.


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