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In the historic Kidron Valley, a Jerusalem hospitality tent will debut

By 02/14/2023 3:45 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In the Kidron Valley of Jerusalem, situated between the Mount of Olives and the Old City, a brand-new hospitality tent will be unveiled on Wednesday.

The tent, reminiscent of biblical times, will act as a resting place and provide free refreshments to visitors to the historic neighborhood.

According to Natali Cohen, head of marketing at the City of David Foundation, the location is near the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world and is brimming with illumination and outdoor seating areas for guests to unwind while admiring the historic beauty of the region.

The earliest tombs in this expansive cemetery, which is frequented by tourists and locals alike, are located inside the Kidron: Zechariah’s Tomb, which is named after a First Temple priest, the Tomb of the Sons of Hezir, which is dedicated to a priestly family from the Second Temple era, and Absalom’s Tomb, which is dedicated to David’s son.

According to site manager Yonatan Manovitch, “thousands of visitors travel through the Kidron every year, including tourists from all over the world, students, soldiers, and families.” “We are pleased to welcome everyone who wishes to pause and see the stunning monuments at the site to this hospitality tent.”

Up to 50 people can fit inside the tent, who can sit on mats, beds, or cushions. To promote tourism, camel rides will also be provided close to the tent, and catered meals will be ordered in advance.

The City of David Foundation worked with the Israel Parks and Nature Authority and the government-run travel agency to complete the project.



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