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In the midst of economic hardships, Netanyahu receives increased funding

By 02/23/2023 5:54 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Thursday, a committee of the Israeli Knesset approved additional financing for Benjamin Netanyahu and his family, allowing the prime minister to increase his expenditures when he is dealing with widespread opposition to his policies and an unstable economy.

The committee decided to approve public monies to pay for the Netanyahus’ private properties in Caesarea, a posh coastal town, and Jerusalem, as well as an increase in wardrobe costs for both Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, by thousands of dollars annually.

According to opponents, the Netanyahus’ reputation for being disconnected from ordinary Israelis will only grow due to the funding that has been approved.

The finance committee approved the Netanyahu family’s request to pay for two residences at the expense of taxpayers, even though the shekel is collapsing, investors are leaving, interest rates are skyrocketing, and hundreds of thousands of people are struggling to make ends meet, according to the opposition Yesh Atid party.

Netanyahu is disconnected from the people for yet another reason. Another justification for preferring themselves over us,” it continued.

The country is sharply split over Netanyahu’s government’s proposal to change the legal system, and fresh economic difficulties are being faced due to rising inflation and the shekel’s decline versus the dollar.

Prominent economists claim that the legal amendments, which aim to reduce the Supreme Court’s power, will worsen the nation’s economic issues by scaring away investors.

Renovations are being made to the official prime minister’s home.

Although the official mansion was unavailable, the former prime minister Naftali Bennett’s private residence underwent an expensive makeover.

According to Bennett, the modifications were called for by security officials and approved by the nation’s attorney general.

The Netanyahus’ extravagant spending and costly tastes have regularly landed them in problems.

The prime minister has long been associated with the stereotype of a cognac- and cigar-smoking snob and his wife has come under fire for allegedly acting abusively against employees.

In his corruption trial, Netanyahu is accused of engaging in an affair in which he allegedly collected champagne and cigars from wealthy friends.

He received criticism for proposing an expensive plan to furnish a plane for his business travels.

The pair has previously faced criticism for spending money at their residences. According to Israel’s state comptroller, an official watchdog, large sums of public funds were reportedly spent on food, furnishings, cleaning, and gardening at the couple’s official and private houses in 2015. It also claimed that they kept the money from recycling bottles bought to entertain official guests.



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