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In the midst of protests, a man was publicly hanged from a crane in Iran

By 12/12/2022 7:32 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Monday saw the public hanging from a construction crane of a second prisoner who had been found guilty of offenses during the country’s widespread anti-theocratic rallies.

Majidreza Rahnavard was executed less than a month after reportedly stabbing two paramilitary officers to death in response to the alleged massacre of demonstrators by security forces.

This new development emphasizes how quickly Iran is currently carrying out death sentences issued for people arrested during the protests the administration is trying to put down.

Activists caution that at least a dozen people have received death sentences in secret trials. According to Human Rights Activists in Iran, an organization keeping track of the protests, at least 488 people have died since the demonstrations started mid-September.

Authorities have apprehended another 18,200 persons.

Rahnavard was depicted hanging from the crane with his wrists and feet bound and a black sack covering his head in a collage of photographs issued by Iran’s Mizan news agency, which is part of the country’s judiciary.

In the early hours of Monday in the Iranian city of Mashhad, masked members of the security forces stood to watch in front of metal and concrete barriers containing a swarm of people.

On November 17 in Mashhad, Mizan said Rahnavard had fatally stabbed two security forces members while injuring four others.

On camera, a man was seen following another person around a street corner before standing over and stabbing him when the other person tripped and fell against a parked motorcycle.

Another saw the same man quickly following by stabbing another. The attacker, who state TV identified as Rahnavard, then ran away.

According to the Mizan article, the deceased was “student” Basij, a paramilitary recruit for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

In numerous cases, the demonstrators have retaliated when the Basij (pronounced “ba-SEEJ”) have deployed in large cities, attacking and detaining them.

After Rahnavard’s execution, a carefully edited official television report that included him in court aired.

He claims in the video that he started to despise the Basijis after watching videos of the police beating and killing demonstrators posted on social media.

Rahnavard was charged in the Mizan report with attempting to flee his country of detention.

Shiite holy city Mashhad is situated about 460 miles (or 740 kilometers) east of Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Amid the turmoil that started after Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who Iran’s morality police had held, passed away in custody on September 16, there have reportedly been strikes, closed stores, and demonstrations.



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