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In Uman, United Hatzalah teams are preparing for the arrival of Rosh Hashanah pilgrims

By 09/19/2022 4:14 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Volunteers from United Hatzalah have been boosting their presence in Uman in preparation for the Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) holiday.

Many people travel to the town during the holiday season to see Rabbi Nachman of Breslov’s cemetery.

Many Rabbi Nahman’s followers from Breslov communities worldwide assemble in town to fulfill Rabbi Nahman’s desire to see him during Rosh Hashana.

Furthermore, with the country’s ongoing conflict, the number of requests for emergency aid received by the Ukrainian United Hatzalah medical hotline has skyrocketed.

“Our volunteers in and around the town of Uman are collaborating with EMTs and paramedics that will be arriving from Israel and the United States and will operate in shifts around the clock to provide an immediate medical response to anyone in need of assistance,” said Matityahu Shapira, head of the United Hatzalah chapter in Uman.

This year, as part of upgrading the medical security operation, United Hatzalah hung dozens of signs near Rabbi Nahman’s tomb so that people could determine their exact location depending on the nearest sign they saw.

This allows our staff to respond to emergencies faster since it provides them with an accurate location, which is especially useful for travelers who may not be able to identify where they are based on street names or local landmarks.

Our Uman helpline number is 063-800-1221.”

“We supplied all of United Hatzalah’s ambulances in Uman with an abundance of medical equipment to respond swiftly to medical situations in and around the city,” said Aharon Ben Harush, Deputy Head of the Uman Chapter for United Hatzalah.

We have equipped additional ambulances in Uman and other parts of Ukraine to continue providing medical aid to individuals in need in various communities. Our teams will work around the clock, and all cases requiring evacuation will be transported to a medical clinic for triage before being sent to a hospital or back to Israel, depending on the circumstances.


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