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In Undercover Video: City Hall Official Admits NYC Cannot Afford Migrant Influx

By 10/19/2022 1:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Recorded on hidden camera by undercover journalism outfit Project Veritas, City Hall staffer Chris Baugh reportedly accepted the fact that Adams’s latest welcome of thousands of migrants is putting a lot of pressure on NYC’s resources.

With the federal government sending planeloads of migrants from the border into the “sanctuary city” of New York and Texas Governor Greg Abbott sending busloads every week, NYC is practically going ‘broke’. “I think what Abbott has done has proven effective … We have more people in social services than we have ever had potentially in history. Ultimately [the city is] struggling to comply with our own law, the ‘right to shelter’ law,” said Baugh.

Source: NY Post/Project Veritas (Screenshot)

Baugh added in the secret recording, “Abbott’s determination to keep sending migrants to New York has put Adams in a “perilous” political situation and has catapulted the city toward a $10 billion deficit by 2026, now that “free” federal COVID Money has dried up. We’re asking for it but I don’t think there’s federal help to be offered. I don’t think [President Joe] Biden is in a position where he is going to be like, ‘OK New York, here’s a billion dollars.”

Adams has rejected a plan to cap migrants at 20,000, and his staff would have quit if he had limited the numbers, according to Baugh, a member of the mayor’s advance team. “The optics of this are bad for Biden and they’re bad for the mayor. “I think Biden saying I’m going to give away money to New York City because they can’t take care of these migrants is going to be just bad politics for him — and frankly I don’t know how much Biden is going to appreciate a mayor saying, ‘hey you owe blue cities money because of this migrant crisis. Eventually, it’s going to make Biden look bad we’re a month out from the midterms and he’s not going to like that. “It’s a very perilous situation … and I don’t know that Eric Adams is capable enough to navigate it.”

Baugh also added that Adams has no plan to manage the future migrant influx and that the mayor doesn’t want to raise taxes but the only alternative is cutting services. 


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