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Instagram Announces Four-Hour-Long Live Videos That Are Easier To Save

By 10/28/2020 6:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Announcing a set of new updates for Livestreamers, Instagram has rolled out longer durations for live videos and extended the ability to archive livestreams for up to 30 days. 

Making live videos easier for users, especially during the pandemic, now on, streamers will not be restricted to 60-minute broadcasts, but will be able to go live for as much as 4 hours. They can choose to download the content and post it elsewhere. This prolonged timeframe will be made available to all Instagram customers globally, as long as they don’t have any IP or coverage violations. Moreover, Instagram is updating the Live Now section within its IGTV long-form video destination and at the end of Live videos.

Source: The Verge

Instagram has apparently introduced the new trio of updates with the aim of eliminating interruptions for creators such as artists or activists conducting virtual discussions with their peers, instructors (fitness, schoolteachers, yoga) and musicians, to help them sail through the pandemic a lot more efficiently. 

During the announcement, the social-media giant mentioned the longer live timeframe will potentially give health instructors the power to hold sessions for longer durations, in addition to giving activists the ability to attach with their audiences for an extra amount of time. 

Instagram stated that “As people increasingly relied on Live this year to engage with their communities, we want to help people discover more content that interests them from the creators they do and don’t follow.”

Source: Digital Information World

Also launching its Live shopping feature in August, Layla Amjadi, Instagram’s product lead for shopping had claimed, “Live shopping is this really fantastic one-two punch of discovery and consideration in one-go, and it naturally is a medium that lends itself to entertainment, so shopping as entertainment. You get to not only discover that product but then you get to hear about it, you get to see it in motion, see it in action.” Plus, with a pandemic shutting down retail storefronts, the transition to online shopping has only intensified.

As reported by The Verge, the company is hoping live videos will keep people in the app for longer, especially given that lives are something they can’t watch at any other time. There are lots of platforms for people to choose from when they go live, but Instagram is trying to make itself competitive and the place to be.


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