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Instagram Launches Two New Chronological Newsfeed Features

By 03/24/2022 7:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Making it easier to view content in a chronology, Instagram has announced two new features the ‘favorite’ and ‘following’ to make browning through posts easier.

According to the change, the following will show posts in reverse-chronological order. And, favorites allows further curation, letting users list up to 50 accounts they wish to see higher in their feeds.

Source: The Verge

Announcing the move in a statement Wednesday, Instagram said, “We want people to feel good about the time they spend on Instagram, by giving them ways to shape their experience into what’s best for them.”

The Meta-owned service revealed that users who choose the Following feed will see posts from accounts that they follow on the service. These will be displayed in chronological order, showing users the latest posts from their friends. The default Instagram ‘Home’ feed is designed to show users ranked posts in a non-chronological order, influenced by a variety of factors including interaction with accounts, a user’s activity, information about the post, and the person who uploaded it.

Instagram’s internal research shows that users are more satisfied with the ordering of posts, “so we are not defaulting people into a chronological feed experience,” Instagram said in its statement. Users will have to specifically decide to see posts in most-recent order.

In order to switch to the new Following and Favourites feed, Instagram users can tap Instagram at the top left corner of the app on the Home feed, then tap on either Following or Favourites. Tapping Favourites for the first time will ask users add accounts to a list, by tapping the Add Favourites option. Users can switch back to the ranked feed at any time by tapping on Following or Favourites at the top of the screen and selecting Home.


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