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Installation of the “X” logo on the Twitter building prompts San Francisco to look into a permit violation

By 07/30/2023 5:59 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


As owner Elon Musk continues to rename the social media site, the mayor of San Francisco has submitted a complaint and initiated an investigation into a huge “X” sign that was put up Friday on top of the downtown skyscraper formerly known as Twitter headquarters.

According to city officials, a permit is necessary for design and safety concerns when changing letters or symbols on buildings or putting a sign on top of one.

The X surfaced after San Francisco police prevented workers on Monday from removing the company’s signature bird and emblem from the side of the building, claiming they had failed to tape off the pavement to protect people in the event that anything dropped.

According to Patrick Hannan, spokesman for the Department of Building Inspection, any replacement letters or symbols would need a permit to maintain “consistency with the historic nature of the building” and to make sure additions are securely fastened to the sign.

According to Hannan on Friday, a permit is also needed to erect a sign on top of a building. “Planning review and approval are also required before this sign may be installed.

He stated in an email that the city had filed a complaint and was starting an inquiry. As part of his redesign of the social media site he paid $44 billion for last year, Musk presented a new “X” logo to replace Twitter’s iconic blue bird.

The X began to appear at the top of Twitter’s desktop version.

Since he acquired Twitter in October, Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla, has rebranded the company to X Corp. due to his long-standing fascination with the letter X. The name of one of his children is “X,” which is a combination of letters and symbols.

A person operating a lift machine on Friday afternoon changed the sign before departing.


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