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iOS 14.5: Everything That Might Come To Your Device

By 03/07/2021 6:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Currently, in the Beta 3 phase of testing, the iOS 14.5 is soon to be making its entry into Apple devices across the world, and there are speculations of many new features that might or might not be coming your way. Some of these include talks of safety alerts, tracking alerts, a new items tab, and an Apple watch unlock notification update.

Item Safety Alerts:

Spotted in the iOS 14.5 beta, the new features will notify you if an unknown device being tracked on Find My is “moving with you” so you can remove it or disable it. The Item Safety Alerts setting was found in early versions of iOS 14.3 but was removed until its reappearance in iOS 14.5. The setting is enabled by default in the beta and might eventually stay on. According to Apple blogger Benjamin Mayo, if you turn off the setting, the system will warn you that unknown devices can see your location without you being notified. These alerts can be turned off via the Me tab, but not before Apple presents an explicit pop-up box warning you that disabling Item Safety Alerts will allow a person to see your location and you’ll no longer be notified.

Source: 9to5Mac

Apple Watch Unlock Notification:

In Apple’s upcoming update, if you have your Apple Watch set to unlock upon unlocking your paired iPhone, you’ll receive a small banner-style notification at the top of your screen. This notification, like other notifications in iOS 14, is similar in style to the Apple Pencil status indicator on iPadOS, or AirPods battery notifications. For iOS 14.5 beta 3, the Apple Watch unlock notification has been updated to include a glyph of the Apple Watch complete with Solo Loop watch band.

New Items Tab:

A feature that was available to developers for quite some time now, is by default, viewable on the new update. The Items tab in the Find My app is where users will be able to go to add accessories or other items that are compatible with the Find My app. Users can also use the Items tab to identify items that they’ve found in hopes of making contact with the original owner.

Source: 9to5Mac

Apple Card Family:

“Apple Card Family” will let users share the same Apple Card with other family members through iCloud Family Sharing. With the release of beta 3, Apple has added more references indicating two different types of sharing — Allow Spending Only and Become Co-Owners. The former sharing type will restrict things like account balances and history, while the latter will let shared users have access to this sensitive information. 

Meanwhile, speculations of a default music player for Siri requests were shot down by Apple this week, clarifying that the feature doesn’t actually work that way. Instead, selecting a music service for Siri requests is apparently intended to improve Siri’s smarts so that it can better know your audio-listening preferences.


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