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Iran Terrorist Group Intended To Strike Athens Synagogue, But Mossad Helps Greece In Stopping It

By 03/29/2023 8:33 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to a statement from the Israeli prime minister’s office, as reported in the Jerusalem Post, the Mossad helped Greek police identify and dismantle an Iranian terrorist network.

The unprecedented disclosure regarding the typically covert security agency’s activities claimed that Mossad had given the Greeks information, allowing them to dissect Iranian operating procedures and piece together the crimes and terror group’s operational strategy.

A foreign terrorist network operating within the nation was thwarted earlier on Tuesday by Greek police, who also detained two unfamiliar people.

The terrorists planned to attack Israelis in Greece, according to Mossad and AFP.

The Mossad stated, “This is another instance of Iran attempting to utilize terror against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad.”

According to reports, the two terrorists apprehended were both citizens of Pakistan, and the third operative who activated them was thought to be based in Iran.

According to reports, the Iranian-based investigator had persuaded them to carry out the attack and promised to pay them.

A Jewish synagogue that serves as a restaurant and is located in the heart of Athens was the intended target of the terrorists’ attack, according to Greek media.

In the absence of firearms, the terrorists intended to attack using a gas cylinder explosive, according to a report in the Greek newspaper Kathimerini.

The terrorists intended to kidnap some of the targets, according to sources in Greek media that Israel’s KAN public TV cited.

A local rabbi stated that dozens of people use the restaurant synagogue in central Athens, which was attacked by two Pakistanis every day.

According to the rabbi, the restaurant has between 70 and 80 customers daily. The synagogue located upstairs in the restaurant serves as a reminder of the severity of the tragedy that was thankfully averted.

The rabbi said he was stunned by the disclosures and thanked the Greek authorities for arresting the two Pakistanis.

“What happened here has been reported to people everywhere. We are quite delighted that the Greek government, with the assistance of the Israelis, managed to apprehend these two horrible individuals who wished to end their lives.

I came here yesterday to pray, and I can’t believe my life was in danger,” he exclaimed.

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen congratulated Greek law enforcement and the secret services for thwarting the terrorist attack.

According to Cohen, “Terrorism is our shared adversary, and the struggle against it is crucial for us. Only a firm, the united front can stop Iran’s terrorist actions, which are being exported by the ayatollah dictatorship in Tehran to the Middle East and the entire globe.


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