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Israel Gifts Kushner With His Name on The US Embassy Courtyard And Jerusalem Grove

By 12/22/2020 12:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Recognizing Jared Kushner’s unfaltering efforts to serve in the best interest of US-Israeli relations, with several normalization moves, Israel on Monday named a courtyard to the US embassy after Kushner. In another event, Netanyahu on Monday dedicated 18 trees in Kushner’s honor at the Grove of Nations in the Jerusalem Forest.

As President Trump enters the last days of his Presidency, his son-in-law was at the receiving end of two gifts from Israel, on Monday. Being the Trump administration’s Chief Advisor and spearheading numerous normalization efforts between Israel and Arab nations, Kushner has gained high regard in the Jewish country, especially due to the historic Abraham Accords.

Source: Vos Iz Neias

David Friedman, the U.S. ambassador to Jerusalem, on Monday named a courtyard to the embassy after Kushner, who is currently in Israel for meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The plaque includes Kushner’s quote from the embassy dedication on May 14, 2018, “When there is peace in this region we will look back upon this day and remember that the journey for peace started with a strong America recognizing the truth.” Friedman, unveiling the plaque on a video posted by The Jerusalem Post, called Kushner’s quote “incredible words.”

The Trump administration also played an instrumental role in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and ordered the US embassy to move from Tel Aviv, breaking away from decades of U.S. policy, in favor of the Israeli population. 

Source: Daily Mail

On the same day, Netanyahu dedicated 18 trees in Kushner’s honor at the Grove of Nations in the Jerusalem Forest. The Grove of Nations is a section of the forest administered by the Jewish National Fund that honors foreign leaders. While awarding Kushner with the honor, Netanyahu said, “You have left through the Abraham Accords a mark on our region Jared. I don’t think it’s a passing mark. I don’t think the seasonal rains will wash it away. I think it’s here to stay. It’s a great thing and something that we truly treasure.”

As of now, Kushner will be traveling to Morocco from Israel, in order to finalize the third normalization agreement between Israel and Arab countries under the Abraham Accords which were signed by Bahrain and the UAE in September.



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