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Israel is unaware of Any US Decision to reevaluate the Special Bond

By 07/12/2023 4:16 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


An Israeli official stated on Wednesday that it was “unaware” of any such decision after New York Times writer Thomas Friedman asserted that a reevaluation of US relations with the Jewish state is “inevitable” owing to alleged “radical behavior” by the Israeli government.

According to the unnamed person, numerous U.S. administrations have declared “reevaluations” of their relations with Israel under a variety of circumstances.

The relationship between Israel and the U.S. has gotten closer for decades and reached an all-time high of security cooperation under Netanyahu’s leadership, he claimed, “despite these irregular “reevaluations” and conflicts over the years.

Members of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling coalition criticized Friedman’s essay earlier on Wednesday. Likud MP Dan Illouz wrote on Twitter that Thomas Friedman is “one of the most obsessed anti-Netanyahu journalists in the world.” Despite the fact that Netanyahu’s particular relationship with the United States resulted in the U.S. embassy being moved to Jerusalem and [provided us] the Abraham Accords, “he has been claiming for decades that Netanyahu is destroying [our] relations with the United States.

Even if there is currently hostility between Washington and Jerusalem, he added, the countries’ bond is very strong and unquestionable.
Tali Gottlieb, a Likud Knesset member, told Ynet that Netanyahu is “a fantastic statesman; he takes all the important concerns into consideration.

Speculations and threats do not impress me. The only time the rest of the world comprehends us is when we are at our best.

Anyone who is familiar with the games played between great powers would recognize that the U.S. also needs us. Friedman stated in his NYT op-ed that Netanyahu was being “led around by the nose” by “extreme” Cabinet members like Itamar Ben-Gvir, the minister of national security, endangering a collapse in Israel-U.S. relations. ties and a civil war in Israel, according to Israel Hayom.

He further asserted that the judicial reform damaged relations with the United States.

Netanyahu, who took office in December, is still waiting on a White House invitation. Recently, President Joe Biden stated that he had no immediate plans to extend an invitation to the Israeli prime minister.


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