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Israel “must strengthen up” to defeat Hamas, according to Trump

By 10/12/2023 8:29 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Former US president Donald Trump appeared to be criticizing Israel for failing to foresee the weekend Hamas offensive in a speech to more than 3,500 supporters at a Palm Beach, Florida, convention center.

“Whether you discuss the intelligence or some of the mistakes made over the past week, they need to straighten things out because they could be up against a very strong force.

They may be fighting, Iran,” the GOP front-runner for president declares at a rally in West Palm Beach. “When they have people saying incorrect things, these people are listening to whatever they say because they are vicious and intelligent. No one has ever witnessed the kind of sight that we have, and boy are they vicious.

They cannot engage in games, he adds. “They need to fortify themselves.”
Trump made the remarks while recounting the killing of Qassem Soleimani, the then-leader of the elite Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, by his administration in 2020.

The former president reaffirmed his assertion that Netanyahu had declined to help the US carry out the execution. “Bibi Netanyahu let us down, and I’ll never forget it.

That was a really awful thing. We were quite dissatisfied, but we completed the work ourselves, and it was flawless, amazing, and lovely,” he says. Then Bibi made an effort to claim credit for it. I didn’t feel great after that. However, it’s okay.

Trump provided a positive picture of a different reality that he believed would have existed had he won the 2020 election instead of Vice President Joe Biden.

He claimed that Israel would be prosperous and have no issues. Iran “would never have participated in that game.” Instead, he claimed, the globe descended into “chaos, bloodshed, war, terror, and death,” and he issued a warning that globe violence III was just around the corner. He referred to Biden as “grossly incompetent” and the Biden administration’s officials as “stupid people.”

Additionally, Trump bragged about transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem and orchestrating the Abrahamic Accords for 2020.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is vying with Trump for the GOP nomination, responded angrily to Trump’s insults of Netanyahu. DeSantis wrote on X, now known as Twitter, that “it is absurd that anyone, much less someone running for president, would choose now to attack our friend and ally, Israel.”

In his final statement, he said, “As President, I will stand with Israel and treat terrorists like the scum that they are.”


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