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Israel Police Disrupt Plan To Assassinate Ben-Gvir

By 03/01/2023 9:08 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to Israeli media sources, the Israel Police have detained a guy from eastern Jerusalem who admitted to planning to kill Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir.

According to Channel 13, the suspect intended to steal police license plates and attach them to a car to approach Ben-Gvir.

To carry out the murder, the suspect allegedly got funding from terrorist organizations.

The minister was to have visited the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City during the impending Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

“I will not be scared away by attempts to hurt me, and I will continue to fight to create a strong right-wing policy, combat terrorism, and return security to the streets,” Ben-Gvir said after thanking the security forces for foiling the plot.

Ben-Gvir claims that the suspect also intended to commit an abduction to secure the release of Palestinian militants held in Israeli prisons.

Officers have imposed a gag order on the investigation, making further information unavailable.

Ben-January Gvir’s journey to the Temple Mount, his first to the holiest place in Judaism since taking office, set off a global uproar.

In response to Hamas’s promise to “not stand quietly by” and instead “flame the region” if the minister visited the site, Ben-Gvir declared at the time, “Our government will not submit to threats from Hamas.

On his visit, Ben-Gvir stated that the Temple Mount was the most critical location for the Israeli people.

He continued, “We protect the freedom of movement for Muslims and Christians, but Jews also visit the site, and those who pose threats must be dealt with with an iron fist.”



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