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Israel Reports Only 544 COVID Infections After Fully Vaccinating 523,000 Citizens

By 02/14/2021 4:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Maccabi Healthcare Services, an Israeli healthcare provider that has vaccinated half a million people with both doses of the Pfizer vaccine says that only 544 people, which is 0.104% of the total number, have been diagnosed with the coronavirus. This means the effectiveness rate stands at 93 percent.

Maccabi’s statistics are being closely monitored around the world, for giving the first major insight into how the vaccine performs outside of clinical trials. And they are being widely hailed for indicating that real-word effectiveness is close to the 95% efficacy cited after Pfizer’s clinical trials. “This data unequivocally proves that the vaccine is very effective and we have no doubt that it has saved the lives of many Israelis,” said senior Maccabi official Dr. Miri Mizrahi Reuveni after the new data release.

Source: Medical News Today

Reuveni revealed that among those who have vaccinated and become infected, the vast majority have experienced the coronavirus lightly. Out of the 523,000 fully vaccinated people, 544 were infected with COVID, of whom 15 needed hospitalization: Eight are in mild condition, three in moderate condition, and four in severe condition. The doctor also urged people to take notice of the new statistics and book slots, warning that those who don’t are likely to get infected.

“Anyone who has not been vaccinated so far,  please hurry up and make an appointment as soon as possible,” she said. “Protect yourself from a serious illness and, God forbid, death as well as the possibility that you will infect and endanger others.”

Source: Al Arabiya

This report follows an earlier one which hinted that Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine was 92 percent effective in Israel. At the time, only 31 out of 163,000 Israelis vaccinated by Maccabi Healthcare Services were diagnosed with COVID-19 in their first 10 days of full-strength protection. Maccabi had also found that an equivalent sample of unvaccinated Israelis was 11 times more likely to be diagnosed with the coronavirus, which allowed it to calculate the effectiveness rate.

Meanwhile, in its own findings, Pfizer achieved 95% efficacy in clinical trials, and doctors worldwide are still looking to Israel with bated breath to see whether the vaccine comes close to that figure in real-world use.



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