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Israel revokes the Palestinian FM’s passport due to a UN decision

By 01/08/2023 6:55 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

By a Cabinet decision last week to sanction Ramallah in response to the U.N.’s adoption of a resolution requesting the International Court of Justice’s opinion on the legal status of Judea and Samaria, which the Palestinian Authority requested, Israel revoked Riyad al-VIP Malki’s pass on Sunday.

Border guards detained Al-Malki as he entered the P.A. from Jordan, taking the travel document with him that would have allowed him to speed through or avoid the usual security checks in Judea and Samaria.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Sunday that the Security Cabinet met last Thursday and decided on several diplomatic sanctions against the Palestinian Authority for pushing a radical anti-Israel resolution at the U.N.

“These actions, which go beyond the P.A.’s express promises, include sanctions against key Palestinian officials, the balancing of terrorist financing, and the freezing of Palestinian construction projects in Area C. taken on by itself.

Everyone will notice that we have a new government in place with new policies, said Netanyahu.

The Palestinian envoy “shall continue his duty with or without the card,” according to Ahmed al-Deek, al-adviser, Maliki’s statement to Reuters.

The authorized P.A. Al-Malki stated that Ramallah was “planning a legal and political retaliation to the punitive measures,” as Wafa news agency reported on Sunday.

He said, “Work is underway to expose the invading regime’s atrocities before the nations of the globe to develop an international public opinion against it.

A week after the U.N., the decision to take action against Ramallah was made. About Israel’s “prolonged occupation, settlement, and annexation of Palestinian territory,” the General Assembly voted a resolution requesting that the ICJ “provide an advisory opinion quickly.”

Such deductions were required under the law that the Knesset had passed. The Bennett-Lapid administration kept finding ways to stall its implementation, nevertheless.

According to Netanyahu, the U.N. is “distorted” and “disgraceful.”

“The Jewish people are not occupying its territory and is not occupying its permanent capital Jerusalem,” he continued, adding that the action would neither bind nor constrain his government.

No U.N. This historical reality may be distorted by resolution.



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