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Israeli Arab Terrorist Recruited By Hamas To Detonate Hadera Bus Caught By Shin Bet

By 05/24/2023 8:36 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Following an operation involving police detective units, the Shin Bet reported that it had detained a resident of the Israeli Arab village of Umm Al-Fahm on suspicion of planning to carry out a bombing assault after being recruited by Hamas.

Mahmad Nadir Mah’jane, a 20-year-old Israeli citizen, was detained after being linked by several media outlets to the terrorist group Hamas. During questioning, it became clear that he had become more sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood’s beliefs and had made the decision to assault him by planting explosive devices as a result of the mental and financial struggles he was experiencing.

Mah’jane acquired information on potential attack locations, including busy areas like the Afula soccer stadium.

Even though it was advised that he stage an attack at one of the large protests against the judicial reforms, Mah’jane decided against it and staked out Tel Aviv’s city center.

In the end, the terrorist had carried out various tasks before the attack and had instructions to plant an explosive device on the Hadera 921 bus.

It happened before Hamas recruited Israeli Arab residents to carry out terrorist attacks.

Two further citizens were detained in January for preparing similar assaults.

The investigation, according to the Shin Bet, “exposed Hamas’s ongoing attempts to support terrorism in Israel while shamelessly utilizing Israeli individuals for terrorist ends.

At the same time, Hamas conceals its involvement and presents itself as eager to advance peace deals about the Gaza Strip.


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