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Israeli Cartoonist Claims Marvel Copied His Superhero Character ‘Sabra’

By 09/12/2022 5:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Uri Fink, an Israeli comic book artist has accused mega-production house Marvel of copying a superhero after the studio’s Saturday announcement that it had cast actress Shira Haas as the Israeli superhero ‘Sabra’. 

Fink claims the character is based on a superhero he created when he was 15 although he says he won’t sue the US entertainment giant because he doesn’t have the means. Fink created Sabraman- a comic series about an Israeli superhero whose attire, colors, and symbols appear to resemble those associated with Sabra, a little-known character that first appeared in Marvel comics two years later in 1980.

Source: Times of Israel (Twitter)

Fink tweeted Sunday morning that he had woken up to countless tags and messages telling him it was “time to sue Marvel and make a lot of money.” In 1980, his publisher and co-creator David Herman had considered suing Marvel, but Fink convinced him otherwise. He said there was no chance of succeeding against Marvel’s lawyers and that it was doubtful he even had a case, since he doesn’t own copyright for the word “sabra,” and Sabra’s superpowers were different from Sabraman’s.

“Nothing has changed since then, except that Marvel are now part of Disney, with even more monstrous lawyers, so it’s not worth the effort,” Fink wrote on Sunday, adding, “It’s pretty clear to me that at the time, someone [at Marvel] saw the hype surrounding Sabraman — there was an article in People Magazine! — and went for the idea,” he said. “But I can’t do anything except maybe try to get some attention for the superhero with whom I started my career.”


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