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Israeli Charedi Men’s Employment Rate Hits an All-Time High of 55.8%

By 08/03/2023 10:52 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to a Ynet report, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) released new data on Wednesday revealing that the employment rate for Chareidi men reached an all-time high of 55.8% in the second quarter, debunking claims that they do not make up a significant portion of the workforce.

Following a quarter in which it was 55.3%, this one sees the employment rate surpass 55% for the second consecutive quarter. This percentage, however, is still well below the 87% employment rate for non-ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.

Given that the employment rate of Chareidi men has constantly hovered between 50% and 52% since 2015, this is a positive development that points to a shift in norms among the younger generation.

The flow of stipends for ultra-Orthodox males has been attributed to this, making it simpler for them to remain in yeshiva while the social cost of leaving the kollel remained high.

Due to the fact that a Chareidi guy with poor work abilities can only make a few thousand shekels more in the job market than he would from the stipend, the economic value of such a move is minimal.

This is a healthy development that suggests a change in standards among the younger generation, especially given that the employment rate among Chareidi men has consistently ranged between 50% and 52% since 2015.

This has been attributed to the flow of stipends for ultra-Orthodox boys, making it easier for them to stay in yeshiva while the social cost of leaving the kollel remained high.

The economic value of such a shift is low because a Chareidi man with inadequate work skills can only earn a few thousand shekels more on the job market than he would from the stipend.

Regev claimed that the Haredi community’s economic model, which is centered on buying a home at a relatively early stage of marriage, is seriously threatened by the rise in interest rates.

He believes that the Haredi employment rate will reach 60% within five years. The increase in charedi employment rates, according to labor minister Yoav Ben Tzur, “is attributable to considerable investment and makes a tremendous contribution to the economy.

These numbers show the great potential for population integration into the economy, which has two benefits: first, individuals benefit from excellent training and employment, and second, the economy gains from the contribution of a qualified workforce that is varied and talented.

The data “represents the realization of predictions and the combination of appropriate activity to encourage employment in the charedi community,” according to the Kemach Foundation, which advocates for the inclusion of charedim in the labor market.

The debate over decreasing the exemption age for military duty helps the Charedi community access the workforce without worrying about their social or communal standing.


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