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Israeli diplomat criticized Twitter after sharing a video of a spitting Charedi

By 04/16/2023 12:33 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After spreading cruel lies against Charedim on social media, an Israeli official is being pulverized on Twitter.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomat Raphael Schutz tweeted a video of what appears to be a group of Charedim strolling through the Old City. The group seemed to spit on the ground as they went by a particular person.

Schutz accused the Jews of racism by falsely alleging they were spitting at black nuns.

Deeply appalled by this horrible behavior, he tweeted. Jews have a right to demand that others combat antisemitism. We cannot and should not tolerate comparable anti-Semitic beliefs among Jews. There is none.

They were spitting in retaliation to a violent antisemite who sickeningly saluted and yelled “Heil Hitler” as they passed. Schutz was not only spewing cruel lies about other Jews but also being used as a propaganda tool by anti-Semites who hoped to elicit this same reaction.

Several Twitter users, including those who appeared to be non-Jews, clarified the situation and defended the Jews. One even claimed that the Charedim showed “restraint.”

Chaskell Bennett, a noted askan, retorted, “It was awful that you jumped to judgment, Raphael. It seems the miscreant said something like “Heil Hitler,” and their response was entirely acceptable.

Spitting in my face is a sign of control. You should provide an apology and retract your statement.

According to a tweet from Rabbi Yisroel Kahan of the New York Human Rights Commission, he is NOT spitting at the nun.

Instead, at the individual giving the Nazi salute and saying “Heil Hitler.”

Another Jewish Twitter user retorted, “What the video fails to show is a person nearby lifting his hand to a Nazi salute & saying “He*l Htler” to which one of the males spat at the ground & not at a nun.

You fall for it when the hateful people utilize it to spread false information about the world’s most lied-about nation.

Schutz has not yet retracted his statement, apologized, or deleted his tweet as of the publication of this article.



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