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Israeli fatally shot a Palestinian who allegedly attempted to stab him

By 01/22/2023 8:42 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

On Saturday, a Palestinian militant reportedly tried to attack an Israeli in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli shot and killed the Palestinian.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the 42-year-old Palestinian man as a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant organization.

According to the health ministry, he was shot in the West Bank’s occupied territory northwest of the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

According to the Israeli military, the individual allegedly tried to knife an Israeli civilian after arriving at the outpost.

According to the military, he was carrying a knife, and an Israeli settler shot him. The settler sustained no harm.

The incident on Saturday was the most recent in several months of fighting between Israelis and Palestinians.

As a result of a series of Palestinian attacks against Israelis that left 19 people dead last spring, tensions have risen in the West Bank, where the Israeli military has been making arrests almost every night since then.

Later in the year, a second wave of attacks resulted in the deaths of another 10 Israelis.

According to Israel, the raids are intended to destroy extremist networks and prevent further assaults.

The Palestinians perceive them as a further encroachment on the areas that Israel has been occupying for an unending 55 years and want for their future state.

With Saturday’s killing, there have now been 18 Palestinians killed in the West Bank by Israeli fire since the year 2023 began.

According to data from the Israeli rights group B’Tselem, 2022 was the worst year since 2004 for Palestinians killed by Israel in the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

Most of those killed, according to Israel, were militants.

However, Palestinians who threw stones, adolescents who protested the invasions, and others have also been slain.

Despite a recent wave of shooting, stabbing, and car-ramming attacks by Palestinians, rights organizations charge Israel with deploying excessive force against the Palestinians.

Israel claims that soldiers, occasionally civilians, deal with complex, potentially fatal situations.



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