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Israeli Files Lawsuit Seeking $1,000,000 in Compensation After Receiving COVID Vaccine Side Effects Handicap Allowance

By 10/02/2023 11:39 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to the law, a 69-year-old Israeli who became disabled after receiving three vaccines against the coronavirus filed a claim for compensation from the state for vaccination-related damages.

A million NIS in compensation is currently permitted under the legislation. Even though the benefits of vaccines for the good of the majority of the population demand their administration, according to attorney Moran Avrahami Yomtov, who is representing the injured person, appropriate compensation must be offered to individuals damaged by taking the immunizations.

The anti-COVID vaccines were permitted for widespread usage in an unprecedented and urgent manner, according to attorney Yomtov. The ability to accurately identify instances that did not respond well to the vaccine was greatly reduced by this technique, she continued.

According to Yomtov, it is now evident that as time passes, both the frequency and severity of side effects associated with coronavirus immunizations grow. She continued by stating that it will be some time before the full extent of the harm brought on by vaccinations is known.

She also criticized the committee of experts handling the case for rejecting the majority of compensation claims because the plaintiffs could not establish a direct causal link between the vaccines and the disabilities.

In this instance, the business owner and healthy father of two were operating normally prior to obtaining the vaccine. He experienced discomfort all over his body after the initial shot, but it soon went away after a few days.

After the second dose, he experienced more intense body pain and was unable to get out of bed for two days.

He was reluctant to take a third shot, but he consented to do so because Israeli laws forbade people from working or moving around if they didn’t take a third shot. He characterized the shooting pains he experienced after the shot as being similar to muscle spasms.

He lay in bed for a few days, unable to move, and even when he could, he experienced acute aches and a limp in his leg. Even now, three years after receiving the third shot, he continues to experience severe physical limitations and has not yet discovered a painkiller.

The National Insurance Institute determined his level of impairment to be 58%, providing him with a disability allowance.

He is currently receiving biological treatment.One of the experts in the case rejected the man’s claim, suggesting that Long COVID, which had not been properly diagnosed, was to blame and that such symptoms are characteristic of post-corona syndrome.

According to a contrasting judgment provided by attorney Yomtov, a clinical immunologist, the symptoms and the vaccine are clearly related in a causative sense.


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