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Israeli Hospital Allows Same-Sex Couples To Share Maternity Dept

By 06/05/2023 4:38 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


According to an Israel Hayom article, same-sex couples and single males whose children are delivered via surrogate will be hospitalized in the maternity department at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva.

This is an unprecedented move that would enrage Israel’s religious and conservative communities. One of the male partners will be hospitalized in the maternity department as part of the new effort, and the other will serve as the chaperone.

The surrogate mother will receive medical care in the gynecology department rather than the maternity unit.

As with all other couples that come to the hospital for a birth, the medical personnel will provide attentive assistance and direction to the same-sex spouses.

The new policy will incorporate modifications to currently in place hospital policies, according to hospital administration.

According to Dr. Rony Chen, who oversees both the maternity and learning centers at Beilinson Medical Center,

“We waited many years for a method that will allow families to bring children into the world through surrogacy.

As a member of the LGBT community, I am aware of the breadth of the adjustments that must be made.

All new families, same-sex couples, and single fathers have a home in the hospital.

Same-sex parents will receive the care and specialized assistance we have developed for them, which is tailored to their family’s changing requirements.

The objective, according to midwife and maternity ward head nurse Viyulan Karasik, is to facilitate the process of initial bonding with the newborn.

“The natural bond that develops between the parents and the embryo during pregnancy takes place differently during surrogacy,” she explained.

“We need to use innovative thinking to make the process of fathers and children connecting easier.

We are assisting and supporting the parents as they start their new families.

The birth rooms can be toured by same-sex couples, who are also welcome to learn more about the hospital’s offerings.

Following delivery, there is a hospitalization period of 48 hours or more (depending on the parents’ preferences) in the maternity ward. During this time, the parents receive careful supervision that includes counseling on how to care for the baby in the beginning as well as suggestions on how to develop a connection with the infant.

Support for diapering and feeding the infants is provided by the maternity hospital staff, in addition to instructions on bathing the infants.

In response to Israel’s approval of the Surrogacy Law for same-sex couples and single parents, Professor Asnat Walfisch, director of Beilinson’s Helen Schneider Hospital for Women, stated, “It was clear to me that we needed to lead the issue, as a women’s hospital that prioritizes empowerment of the women it serves, their autonomy, and their freedom of choice.

I’m honored to be a part of this creative concept that we have established.


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