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Israeli Left-Wing Demonstrators Brutally Assault a Chareidi Couple

By 03/30/2023 8:38 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A chareidi couple occurred to arrive at Kaplan street in Tel Aviv, the scene of the rallies, during the ferocious anti-reform demonstrations that took place on Sunday after Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant was fired.

As the couple realized their mistake, they attempted to do a U-turn, but scores of protesters screamed abuse at them and pounded on their car windows.

The demonstrators hindered the couple’s attempt to weave through them.

When the husband realized he couldn’t go around the demonstrators, he opened the door and engaged them in conversation.

The demonstrators then started punching him in the face violently; one of them even poked a flag into his cheek, shredding the flesh.

The spouse took a few steps back and announced that he would pass out and was having trouble seeing. In a state of panic, the wife begged the demonstrators for assistance, but none came until she begged one young man, who drove them to the closest hospital.

The police informed the woman that nobody could reach her since all forces had been dispatched. Later, after the husband had partially recovered, he reported the assault to the police, who have not yet located the perpetrators.

Later, while one protester yelled, “Pull the engine out of the car, let him bleed to death,” the woman recalled the horrifying events she had been made to witness. “I couldn’t drive in such a scenario, so I persuaded a young man to take him to the hospital,” she continued. We couldn’t leave because they wouldn’t let us. The police told me they couldn’t send anyone after I phoned them.

The mother claimed her husband’s experiences devastated him and their daughter, 19. “It was a lynch in every sense. We didn’t want to make a public announcement, but friends insisted that we should ask for police to find these criminals and prosecute them.


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