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Israeli Police Clash With Druze Protesters in the Golan Heights

By 06/21/2023 10:54 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


An unusual outbreak of violence in the otherwise peaceful region occurred on Wednesday amid large-scale Druze Arab rallies in the Golan Heights.

Israeli police used tear gas, sponge-tipped bullets, and a water cannon. At least 20 injuries have been recorded.

The Golan’s Druze population participated in protests against the installation of large wind turbines in their thousands.

According to Israeli media, the wind-swept region is the perfect location for the turbines, but locals are concerned about property damage, and landowners have claimed they didn’t fully comprehend the contracts they signed with a nearby power firm. In the town of Masade, a sizable mob allegedly tried to attack a police station by hurling rocks and pyrotechnics, lighting fire to tires, vandalizing police vehicles, and obstructing traffic.

The police published a video that showed the mob throwing things at the riot police.

The footage shows Israeli riot police moving into the streets and shooting tear gas, followed by a large armored vehicle with a water cannon.

In the distance, rapid shooting can be heard. Twenty casualties were recorded by Israel’s Ziv Hospital, including 12 police officers with minor wounds and eight civilians, four of whom were in critical condition.

Syria lost the Golan, a key plateau that looks over northern Israel, to Israel in the 1967 Middle East conflict.

After that, it annexed the region, a decision that former President Donald Trump praised. However, the majority of world leaders view the region as occupied territory.

Although Druze leaders still declare their allegiance to Syria, they often have positive ties with Israel.

The Golan is a well-liked holiday spot for Israelis; it is crowded with lodging and dining options, and the majority of locals are fluent Hebrew speakers.

Brutal confrontations with Israeli officials are uncommon.

In an effort to diffuse the situation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office reported that he met with a Druze spiritual leader on Wednesday afternoon. “I view what is happening right now on the Golan Heights with great severity and concern,” he stated.


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