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Israeli soldiers use tear gas to disperse protesters near the border with Lebanon

By 06/09/2023 12:39 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Numerous protesters threw stones at Israeli soldiers near the border with Lebanon on Friday, and Israeli forces used tear gas to disperse them.

Some Lebanese protesters and soldiers had breathing difficulties as a result.

The Israeli military’s digging in the territory that Lebanon claims caused tension to start earlier this week on the outskirts of the border hamlet of Kfar Chouba in Lebanon.

A Lebanese peasant made an attempt to obstruct an Israeli bulldozer from excavating a trench along the border on Wednesday.

As the bulldozer advanced and the villager’s legs became caked in sand, U.N. Peacekeepers entered the vehicle and persuaded the driver to back up.

Social media users shared videos of the old guy who had his legs caught in a sand dune.

The demonstration on Friday was held near the Kfar Chouba hills, which Beirut claims Israel has seized as Lebanese territory.

Lebanon has claimed ownership of the Kfar Chouba Hills and the surrounding Chebaa Farms, which were taken by Israel during the 1967 Middle East War.

Some protestors attempted to scale a barrier on Friday in the tough terrain under the watchful eye of an Israeli military outpost.

To disperse them, Israeli forces used tear gas, while Lebanese forces and the U.N. Later, peacekeepers entered the area and drove the demonstrators away.

A U.N. employee carried a sign that said, “DO NOT CROSS THE BLUE LINE.”

In Arabic, English, and French, the phrase “peacekeeper” refers to the boundary established following Israel’s departure in 2000.

Israeli soldiers and various vehicles, such as a Merkava that is strongly armored, were seen in the area.

In the region, Lebanese forces were on alert, and more troops were rushed in.

The Israeli military said in a statement that demonstrators nearby hurled stones at Israeli soldiers and attempted to destroy a border fence.

According to the military, troops used “riot dispersal means,” which are often tear gas or stun grenades, as a response.

The armed forces declared that they “would not allow any attempt to violate Israeli sovereignty.”

UN spokesperson Andrea Tenenti said that the U.N. Peacekeepers from UNIFIL, the peacekeeping force, are on the ground, attempting to reduce tension.

Later, demonstrators performed Friday prayers nearby before attempting to enter, which resulted in additional tear gas being fired.

The tense situation on Friday occurred the day after the U.N. Major General Aroldo Lazaro presided over a conference with senior Israeli and Lebanese commanders at the U.N. over the peacekeeping deployment in Lebanon.

office location near the border The general urged caution near the border and efforts to ease tensions.

Since Israel and Hezbollah engaged in a 34-day conflict in 2006, the border between Israel and Lebanon has been rather peaceful.

Even so, there have been conflicts.


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