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Israeli Trump Supporter Participating in The Capitol Protest Claims There Was No Violence

By 01/11/2021 10:30 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Pinchas Gerby, an Israeli supporter of President Donald Trump who participated in the US Capitol protests last week, told the media that there was no violence at the protests whatsoever. Gerby said on Sunday that he was inside the Capitol building for some 30 minutes and insisted there was no violence. 

Speaking to Channel 12 on Sunday, Gerby claimed he was shoved into the building by the huge crowds behind him who broke through the police barricade and shrugged off suggestions that US authorities could be on his tail, saying the FBI could find him in ‘seconds’ if it pleased. 

Earlier on Thursday, in an interview with the same outlet, however, the man had offered a slightly different account, saying that he was hit with rubber bullets in the ribs and teargassed outside the US Capitol, during clashes that broke out between rioters and police. At the rally outside, “some of the guys started going wild, the police responded with force, they tear-gassed us, they shot rubber bullets at us,” he said. In that interview, he also said he was shoved into the building, where he remained for 45 minutes to an hour.

Source: The Times of Israel

Claiming 5 lives in all, the Capitol protests occurred on Wednesday, last week, in an attempt to thwart the electoral college’s certification of the Biden win. With reference to the happenings, Gerby in his Sunday interview, at the end of the pro-Trump rally outside the legislature, a row of police prevented demonstrators from entering the building.

But then, “a mass of people pushed us forward and breached the line of police officers. There was no violence. I wasn’t dangerous. I didn’t go wild.” He said he and others calmly walked through the corridors and rooms of the Capitol. “When someone shattered the window, we saw that guns were being pointed at us,” he said.

However, the situation remained so calm, Gerby said, that at one point he even asked for directions to the nearest bathroom.

Source: The Times of Israel

“I then saw that policemen were going room by room to empty them,” he said, adding that he was then escorted outside the compound. “You may call me naïve, but I was protesting the fact that the courts didn’t look at the evidence” for widescale voter fraud, he said. Gerby said he did not do anything wrong, since he was not arrested. 

However, he stated that his friends later warned him that the FBI sent out notices asking for the public’s help in identifying and locating members of the mob that breached the Capitol, to which he stated, “You really think that with today’s technology, the FBI needs help from the public to find me? They can find me in two and a half seconds, which is two seconds too many.”



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