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Israel’s “Apartheid” Resolution is Rejected by the French Parliament

By 05/07/2023 1:48 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The lower house of Parliament rejected a resolution designating Israel as an “apartheid state” by a vote of 199 to 71 after it was introduced by a group of far-left National Assembly members in France.

The situation in Israel cannot be described as apartheid, according to Laurence Boone, France’s minister of state for European affairs, in a tweet.

This phrase carries a tremendous burden since it conjures painful memories and excruciating agony.

The American Jewish Committee commented, “We commend France’s National Assembly for voting overwhelmingly to reject a resolution that would have falsely branded Israel as practicing ‘apartheid.'” France remains a loyal ally, an important partner, and a cornerstone of the relationship between Israel and Europe.

The European Jewish Congress also expressed “deepest gratitude” to the assembly participants “who voted against the false and damaging label of apartheid being attached to Israel and dared to denounce its anti-Zionist nature” and added, “Today, France sent a powerful message of solidarity with Israel and in favor of fairness.”

Jean-Paul Lecoq, a member of the Communist Party, argued in favor of the resolution, claiming that “the settlement policy is contrary to international legality” and “legally comes under a situation of apartheid.”

He called the Israeli government “an institutionalized regime” that is “aimed at the oppression of one group over another,” and he urged France to recognize “the state of Palestine.”

The Socialist Party’s Jérôme Guedj denounced Lecoq’s use of the word “apartheid,” calling it an attempt to “racialize and essentialize” the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

The Renaissance Party’s Aurore Bergé referred to the action as “defamation,” saying, “France is the friend of Israel.”


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