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Israel’s military is being quickly strengthened by the US

By 10/12/2023 12:01 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The U.S. started dispatching warships and aircraft to the area shortly after the horrifying attack by Hamas to be ready to give Israel anything it needs to respond within hours.

On Friday, a second American carrier strike group leaves Norfolk, Virginia. Numerous planes are flying to American military sites in the Middle East. Additionally, special operations personnel are currently supplying planning and intelligence to the Israeli military.

The escalation reflects American anxiety that the deadly war between Israel and Hamas would turn into a more dangerous regional conflict. Therefore, for the time being, the main goal of those ships and aircraft is to provide a strong presence that discourages Hezbollah, Iran, and other parties from taking advantage of the situation.

However, the American military has more capabilities than that.
Additionally, the United States is hastening the delivery of weapons and interceptors for Israel’s conflict with Hamas.

A review of the tools and choices the American military could offer: Israel is receiving some personnel and desperately needed weapons from the United States.

A tiny cell of special operations personnel is currently aiding Israel with intelligence and planning, according to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Contrary to certain reports, they have not been asked to rescue hostages, but they could if asked, a defense official said.

Additionally, the United States is pressuring American defense firms to fulfill weapons purchases for Israel that were already on file. The foremost among these is accelerating the production of ammunition for Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system.

Restocking Iron Dome missiles and air defense systems, according to President Joe Biden, is a top priority right away. In order to restock Iron Dome, we are accelerating further military assistance, including ammunition and interceptors, according to Biden.

We’ll see to it that Israel has enough of these vital resources to protect its towns and people.


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