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Jerusalem Merchant Arrested After Charging Us Tourists $1,900 for Ashtray

By 08/16/2023 12:34 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


This week, police apprehended a business owner in Jerusalem’s Old City after it was claimed that he defrauded an American visitor by using her credit card to charge her about $1,900 for an ashtray.

The man approached a 60-year-old woman earlier this month after spotting her smoking close to his store.

He then handed her an ashtray. Eventually, she thanked him for the gift and asked to buy it. He stated that it would cost 30,000 shekels, which is roughly $8,000, but she said she didn’t have that much money.

Instead of billing her for that sum, he carried out a transaction that made it seem like she voluntarily paid $2,700 for the item.

The woman hurried to the bank as soon as she learned about the scam this week. Before they could take any action regarding the transaction, the tellers informed her that she would need to present a receipt.

The merchant refused to show the document when she went back to him since doing so would have subjected his profit to taxation.

She left the store upset. When she was questioned by police officers who had noticed what had happened, she explained everything to them.

The alleged con artist was then taken in for questioning after his arrest.
The intelligence and investigation officer for the Israel Police in that part of Jerusalem stated, “We will continue to pursue con artists using a variety of techniques, both overtly and covertly, to ensure that they are held accountable.

The reputation of the nation and its efforts to increase tourism in the ancient city and elsewhere are also compromised, he continued.


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