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Jewish Billionaire Michael Steinhardt Writes Hateful Piece On NYC Yeshivas In NY Times

By 09/07/2022 9:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A man with a scandalous life, Jewish billionaire and philanthropist Michael Steinhardt, co-founder of Birthright, wrote a vicious hit-piece in the NY Post, that spewed nothing but hatred for the yeshiva system.

Throughout the article, named “The fate of a generation of Jewish children is at stake in yeshiva debate”, Steinhardt made many vicious, false, despicable statements against the Charedi community. In one of the many false claims, Steinhardt said, “65,000 Hasidic children statewide do not receive the education they deserve”. He hypocritically added that “the [secular education] proposals do not interfere with yeshivas’ religious freedoms or management. They come from a genuine desire to help them follow the law while protecting their community’s way of life.”

Source: NY Times (Evan Agostini/Invision, via Associated Press)

He accused Chasidic leaders of choosing “a path that rejects the Jewish tradition of educational excellence and instead leads to poverty, dependence and an inability to contribute meaningfully to the world.”

Basically meant to justify the secularisation of Yeshivas, the op-ed faced intense backlash on Twitter from non-Charedim and non-Jews as well. Logan Ratick, National Correspondent for Newsmax, wrote: “Michael Steinhardt proves that you can co-found Birthright, yet still be ignorant when it comes to yeshiva education.”

David Margolin, a Jewish activist who was mentioned in the op-ed also responded on Twitter saying, “Neither I nor any of my fellow-yeshiva parents need Michael Steinhardt’s parenting guidelines codified in state law. Of course, his ad hominem @nypost piece is also built on hearsay and lies. Quick example: “Haredim live in a cycle of poverty.” Neither Steinhardt nor Yaffed has ever provided any proof for this blanket-statement. It’s simply stated as fact, though it’s a vicious lie about Haredi Jews. Another: “65k Hasidic children statewide… [attend] yeshivas whose language of instruction is Yiddish.” A lie.”


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