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Jewish leaders “lack loyalty” and should be “ashamed,” according to Trump

By 12/11/2022 2:38 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In his most recent attack on the American Jewish community, former president Donald Trump said Jewish leaders “lack loyalty” and “should be ashamed of themselves,” this time in response to criticism of his meal with two well-known antisemites.

Before officially announcing it as part of his bid for the president in 2024, Trump stated on Friday on his social media platform Truth Social, “How fast Jewish Leaders forgot that I was the best, by far, President for Israel.”

They ought to feel embarrassed by themselves. Many in Congress and others have quit supporting Israel due to their lack of commitment to their closest friends and supporters.

Although calling out “Jewish leaders” rather than Jewish Democratic voters is a new point of language, Trump has previously criticized American Jews for being disloyal, but in the past, he has stated they were not loyal enough to Israel, not other “best allies.”

Any Jew who votes for a Democrat, according to Trump, “shows a tremendous lack of intelligence or extreme treachery,” he claimed in 2019.

The declaration was made less than three weeks after Trump hosted a dinner for Nick Fuentes, a Holocaust denier and white supremacist, and Kanye West, also known as Ye, a musician who has been spewing antisemitic insults for months.

Trump has received harsh criticism from mainstream Jewish organizations, but so have Republicans, including several Jewish Republicans who were close to him and previously praised him.

Trump’s post was linked to an opinion piece written by evangelical Christian and born-Jewish Wayne Allyn Root, who supported Trump in 2019 when the former president, for the first time, accused Jews of being disloyal.

Let me start with a disclaimer: I’m a Jew. Root repeats arguments Trump has made in his defense of the West-Fuentes meeting, including that the former president is more supportive of Israel than Democrats are and that West is an old friend who was in trouble.

The op-ed was published on various right-wing platforms.


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