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Jewish Man Assaulted In London, Perpetrator Was Looking To ‘Kill His First Jew’

By 12/26/2021 1:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In a shocking new incident, details of which have just sprouted this week, on December 2nd, a Jewish man from London was brutally assaulted by an assailant who was carrying a knife said he wanted to “find a Jew to kill”.

The crazed attack took place during Chanukah, when the Jewish man spotted the perp desecrating a large public menorah, pulling it down, and stomping on it at the West Hampstead Square. 

The assailant then approached the victim unprovoked and yelled: “You look Jewish”. He said that he was “looking for a Jew to kill”. He then allegedly asked: “Are you Jewish?” Trying to avoid a confrontation, the man replied “No,” to which the attacker said: “Good, I want to find a Jew to kill.”

As soon as this happened, the victim rushed to the nearest supermarket and proceeded to call the police. This is when he spotted the attacker confronting another young woman, so he and a supermarket employee went out to confront him. The attacker then approached the men and allegedly yelled: “I knew you were Jewish, you lied to me. I am going to kill you.” He said something in Arabic before allegedly saying: “I want to kill my first Jew.”

Source: The JC (Photo: Campaign Against Antisemitism)

The attacker then shoved the victim as hard as he could with both hands, again threatening to kill him. He punched the victim forcefully toward the head around five times. The attacker allegedly said: “I am not leaving until you are dead.” He then grabbed what appeared to be a knife and said “I will kill you now, you Jew.” 

Luckily the victim ran to the back of the shop and turned around, seeing the attacker perform a slit-throat gesture. What was more worrying is that despite the police being half a mile away, no one came to rescue the man, and the officers told the man that they did not consider this an urgent matter, and that it would take an hour to arrive. 

As of Thursday, the assailant was still at large and the police released an image of the suspect from surveillance video. 


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