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Jewish Resident of Marseille Describes “Pandemonium” Because Of Rioting: “We Haven’t Slept For Three Nights”

By 07/03/2023 10:29 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


A Marseille, France, citizen named Dan Lilty spoke with Israel National News about the impact the violent riots are having on the area’s Jewish population.

Lilty said, “This place is complete chaos.

“Due to the police reaction and the blasts from the firecrackers of the young people who are rioting in the city, we haven’t slept for the past three nights.

Everything is closed, so we can’t go to any eateries.

Since being in the city center feels risky, there isn’t a single person on the street.

He claims that not just Jews are affected by the riots and that they are not exclusively anti-Semitic.

“The rioters don’t care who is right or wrong; all they want to do is steal and riot on the streets.”

Lilty made the decision to clear the shelves of his optical products business out of concern about rioting and looting.

Everything was brought home. Sunglasses and eyeglasses are not available in the shop.

There aren’t any products in the store at all since I bought everything before Shabbat began.

He claims that on Saturday, his phone rang multiple times, and he was concerned for the future of his business.

“My phone rang four or five times; I am religious and observe Shabbat. I took a 40-minute walk to go to my business because I was worried there would be trouble nearby, but thank God everything was well.

However, Lilty also mentioned the overall anxiety and danger on the streets in addition to the rioting and looting.

He claims that the police are not doing enough to curtail the widespread criminal activity on the streets.

“I adore Marseille, where I was born and raised. But today’s Marseille has changed into Gaza,” he said.


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