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Jewish teacher yells at kids who drew swastikas, gets charged with terror

By 05/17/2023 9:36 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A middle schooler in Wisconsin was discovered drawing Swastikas in class last week. The Jewish instructor who spotted him supposedly reacted outraged, which is an acceptable response.

There is no proof that the student was expelled, disciplined, or warned. The teacher, however, was arrested and suspended from the school after being accused of two felonies.

This is the most recent illustration of how society supports the villains while penalizing those who stand up for the good, innocent guys.

Was the teacher too aggressive? Perhaps. Should he be accused of being a terrorist? Not.

He allegedly threatened students with violence and admitted to owning 17 weapons (assumed the parent’s accusations are accurate).

He was upset, and until the truth is revealed, we have no right to judge his actions.

But the youngsters committed a dreadful sin. Perhaps kids are too young to understand, but swastika sketching does not occur in a vacuum. Kids don’t create hateful images when they first wake up.

The parents are probably to blame, and they should be made to answer for their actions somehow. But despite the pupils’ despicable actions, the teacher was blatantly charged with making terrorist threats by the media.

That is a mess.

This is something that keeps happening. Alvin Bragg is bringing charges against former Marine Daniel Penny after he choked Jordan Neely, a mentally ill subway passenger, to death. Penny is the exception, but Bragg enables violent criminals to walk freely.

Naturally, Neely’s death was awful; it is horrific, and I do not wish to downplay such an unfathomable loss.

Though Penny might genuinely be a hero, it is at least conceivable that Neely, who had a violent past, constituted a threat to subway passengers.

Elon Musk slammed lefty billionaire George Soros this week for, among other things, using his funds to erect woke DAs (like Bragg) across the US, which sparked an increase in woke crime.

The underlying conclusion is that you can be utterly nasty if you are a lefty, and most of society will generally defend you against it.

Being a bigot is acceptable; if someone speaks out against you, they will be silenced and exiled. Being a minority is a blessing in disguise.

The media will use the race card to silence your detractors and accuse them of racism permanently.

On the other hand, people like Elon Musk, who defends free speech in a way that is highly inconvenient to the woke left, or David Schroeder, the schoolteacher who lashed out against hate (and probably went too far), are attacked and demonized for pointing out the actual bad guys.

Your affiliation with a particular team is the only thing that matters, not right or wrong. The fact that you might be bad is just an utterly overlooked coincidence.

This must immediately alter if society is to function correctly.


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