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Jews Rejected From Flight on Lufthansa Receive $21K

By 11/29/2022 12:50 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

More than 100 Jews who were denied boarding on a Lufthansa flight, reportedly due to a small percentage of them not adhering to mask regulations, have settled with the airline for about $21,000.

One passenger on the flight revealed that a deal had been reached for “$21,000 and change,” and a check for $17,400 (after attorney fees) that another passenger had received was shared on social media.

The American Center for Law and Justice, a public interest law firm specializing in religious freedom, defended the passengers.

Some of the passengers felt that the payment was reasonable.

For the yahrtzeit of Reb Shaya of Kerestir, over 100 Jews were flying from New York to Hungary on May 4, and they were prohibited from boarding their connecting flight, reportedly because a tiny portion of them had not been wearing masks.

I was wearing a mask the entire time, so why am I being grouped in with them, the passenger is heard saying in a passenger-recorded video posted on the travel website Dans Deals.

The agent replies, “Everybody has to pay for a couple,” and continues, “Jewish individuals who caused the mess, who made the difficulties.”

Following the event, Lufthansa apologized and met with passengers, elected officials, rabbis, and Jewish community members.

The airline has stated that it will collaborate with the American Jewish Committee (AJC) to provide antisemitism training to its staff, that it will create a senior management position “for the prevention of discrimination and antisemitism,” and that it supports the Working Definition of Antisemitism from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).



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