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Joe Biden, 80, Nearly Falls Down the Stairs of Air Force One

By 09/26/2023 9:40 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


On Tuesday at Detroit Metro Airport, President Biden nearly avoided falling while descending the steps of Air Force One.

The president’s campaign team reportedly made a concentrated effort to keep the president from making any public gaffes, particularly during the election season, according to allegations that surfaced just before this occurrence.

The president, who recently turned 80, tripped around the ninth step when stepping down the plane but was able to regain his footing without incident.

This disease has apparently contributed to multiple similar occurrences, prompting public discussion about the president’s age and his capacity to effectively manage the country.

Earlier this year, the White House physician diagnosed the President with “significant spinal arthritis.”

According to Axios, Biden’s advisers have suggested he switch to tennis shoes instead of more conventional footwear to prevent such instances. When Biden was spotted wearing sneakers after falling at the Air Force Academy in June, this difference was clear to notice.

In order to lessen the chance of tripping, he has also switched to utilizing a shorter staircase to board Air Force One.

President Biden has been receiving help from renowned physical therapist Drew Contreras, who also worked with former President Barack Obama.

Given these events, there has been considerable debate on the general public’s perception of Biden’s suitability for the presidency.

According to a recent Associated Press poll, 77% of respondents said Biden would be too old to serve another term in office effectively.

89% of Republican respondents and 69% of Democrats agreed with this statement. In parallel, a Washington Post and ABC News poll found that 60% of Democrats wanted a different nominee in 2024.


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