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Joe Rogan Slammed for Defending Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitic Remarks

By 02/07/2023 3:52 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Popular podcaster Joe Rogan has come under fire after declaring in his most recent episode that Jews are “into money.” Ilhan Omar’s anti-Jewish remarks appeared to be supported by him when he said that it was not anti-Semitic for Omar to associate Jews with wealth and that “many people have that opinion and should be represented.”

Furthermore, a guest on Rogan’s show concurred with him and argued that Omar shouldn’t have apologized.

On his Spotify show, Rogan spoke with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on Nancy Pelosi’s support for Adam Schiff’s candidacy for the Senate.

It’s crazy, Rogan said. Did you notice that he was seated close to Ilhan Omar, who expressed regret for saying it was all about the Benjamins? This only concerns money.

She is discussing money. I do not believe that statement to be antisemitic. Money is a Benjamin.

The notion that Jews are not interested in money is absurd, he continued. That’s like claiming pizza isn’t a thing among Italians. It’s…stupid.”

Omar has a bold opinion that is not her own, regardless of whether you agree with her or not, according to Rogan.

There are lots of people who share that viewpoint, and they ought to be heard.

David Baddiel, a comedian, criticized Rogan in response to his casual promotion of horrible textbook antisemitism.

The creator of Jews Don’t Count posted a recording to Twitter and said, “I honestly want to quit hammering the Jews Don’t Count drum at some point, but it’s hard to do when a racist stereotype about Jews is just…spoken, breezily, on one of the biggest podcasts in the world.”

For those who have trouble understanding, he said, “‘Jews are into money’ is not the same as ‘Italians are into food.

Nobody has ever wiped off a significant portion of the Italian community because of their love of pepperoni unless my history classes omitted something.

Baddiel continued, quoting a cartoon stereotype from the antisemitic Nazi propaganda children’s book Der Giftpilz, “This is what Joe is saying, with a broad grin.”

Additionally, Joe Rogan has a 200 million dollar deal with Spotify, said Baddiel. However, it appears that the wealthy are Jews.


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