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Journalist Chided on Twitter After Accusing Libs of Tiktok, Orthodox Jew, of Promoting Day of Hate

By 02/26/2023 8:47 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to a left-wing writer with a sizable Twitter following who claims to have written for CBS and Yahoo, Chaya Raichik was linked to the National Day of Hate and was expelled.

Ms. Raichik, aka Libs Of TikTok, was accused of “supporting” the Day of Hate by David Leavitt, a self-described award-winning multimedia journalist with 338k Twitter followers.

This accusation is ludicrous and unfounded, given that Ms. Raichik is an Orthodox Jew.

Even though she virtually always reposts movies that have already been posted online by their owners, he also charged her with disseminating “falsehoods.”

“The failure of @elonmusk to ban @libsoftiktok makes him complicit in the Day of Hate,” Leavitt tweeted. He must condemn white supremacy and take down accounts that are spreading it.

“Transphobic hate organization @libsoftiktok have been banned from Slack for supporting the “National Day of Hate,” the speaker added. Because of their Lying, they were to blame for numerous bomb threats on Boston Children’s Hospital in 2022.

In response to the horrible and unfounded allegations, Ms. Raichik tweeted: “I’m literally a pious Jew. I also refrained from tweeting on National Day of Hate. The National Day of Hate was not referenced at all in Slack’s communication with us. I really hope to click on this tweet of falsehoods was worth it! ”

The nasty allegations made by Leavitt drew a lot of criticism from Twitter users:

“Bro, this is fabricated. You ought to apologize.

I’m ready to be proven wrong, but doesn’t @libsoftiktok only tweet content that people voluntarily post online? Your sources for “They were responsible for many bomb threats to Boston Children’s Hospital in 2022 because of their Lies” would be much appreciated.

“All Libs is doing is publishing the daily content that so many of these narcissists post online. They are making themselves seem bad. These days, calling for censorship is the weakest move you can make.

It’s fortunate that “journalist” appears in your bio. Then we won’t have to speculate because we already know you’re lying.



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