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Kanye Claims He Likes Jews Again

By 03/26/2023 9:21 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Kanye West, a known antisemite, has declared that he now approves of the Jews. What brought the rapper’s abrupt change of heart despite his mental illness? A film seen by him.

The Jewish actor Jonah Hill was in the 2012 movie “21 Jump Street,” which West discussed in an Instagram post on Saturday.

Ye claimed, “Watching Jonah Hill in 21 Jump street made me enjoy Jewish people again. “Anyone should take their rage at one or two persons and turn it into hatred for millions of helpless people,” the statement reads.

Knowing Jesus was a Jew, Kanye stated that no Christian could be called antisemitic.

That was Kanye’s first post in 2023 after he was banned from using his social media accounts due to his antisemitic outbursts, which included an appearance on an Alex Jones podcast in which he glorified Hitler and self-identified as a Nazi.

Unimpressed and even making fun of Kanye, many Jews on social media responded to this.

Activist on Jewish social media Joel Petlin seemed to doubt West’s sincerity. So Kanye likes Jews again because he watched a movie starring Jonah Hill as an undercover police officer who returns to high school, and everything is forgiven? ”

After Kanye started his anti-Jewish tirades, the ADL identified dozens of antisemitic incidents linked to him in the US last month.

Last year, after making a string of virulently antisemitic remarks, West sparked anger. He claimed in an interview that Jared Kushner wants to “earn money” from the Abraham Accords between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain.

Afterward, he appeared anti-Semitic on Twitter, threatening to “kill con three on the Jews.” In response, West asserted that he could not be antisemitic since “black people are genuinely Jews.”

He brought up a color-coded list of media executives at an on-the-spot press conference that prominently featured Jews.

Also, in a conversation with Alex Jones, West claimed to “love everyone,” even Nazis, praised Hitler and refuted the existence of the Holocaust.



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