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Kanye is a “bum,” according to Michael Savage, and “nothing but street filth”

By 12/07/2022 8:45 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Conservative talk radio broadcaster Michael Savage severely criticized President Trump for his ties to anti-Semites.

In reference to his meeting with “scum” Kanye West and “Nazi” Nick Fuentes, Savage claims that Trump has turned into “his own worst enemy” and that he “put [Republicans] back 30 years.”

Savage, one of the first to support Trump for president in 2016, was questioned on Newsmax TV why Trump “[created] this disaster for himself.”

Savage said, “Well, it’s anyone’s guess.” “In plain English, I believe that was poor judgment. We can mince words all we want, but Mr. Trump made a mistake – he became his own nemesis and worst adversary — via hubris, nemesis, and catharsis, he added.

Savage did not accept the “excuse” that Trump was unfamiliar with his guests.

“Really? The Secret Service is still protecting President Trump, he added.

No one is allowed to enter Mar-a-Lago close to the president without first being checked by the Secret Service. I don’t accept that logic, he continued.

The “only way out,” according to Savage, would be an admission of guilt and “not to pretend he didn’t know who the guy was.”

He declared, “This is a disaster for all Republicans, not just Donald Trump.” This set us back 30 years, and it won’t be forgotten just because we want it to be overlooked, despite how long minorities have been courted to join the Republican Party.

“This is the greatest misstep you’ve ever made; why are you having such scum of the earth in the Oval Office,” Kanye allegedly told the president’s inner circle after his first visit to the White House. ”

Savage remarked, “This scumbag [West] threw his feet up onto that lovely desk; he took over that office as he owned it.”

He said, “He’s always been a piece of garbage. He is nothing more than street rubbish, regardless of the $50 billion he makes every second.

Trump, according to Savage, only accepted the rapper “because he wants people to worship him and he assumed that since he’s a star, people would adore him along with him,” Savage said.

He referred to Kim Kardashian as “a waste of human DNA” and said the “Kardashian vermin” in the Oval Office “debased” the White House. Kim Kardashian is Kanye West’s ex-wife.

When Savage told Donald Trump’s inner circle that “it was years ago,” she added, “I didn’t make any friends.” They disliked me for it.

He claimed that “this calamity” could have been avoided if people had listened to him.

The rapper, he continued, “throws his feet up on the desk, sits there… makes a mockery of the presidency, [and] makes a parody of the Oval Office. So [Trump] made the error of having him in the Oval Office.”


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