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Khamenei: The West Would Not Be Able To Stop Iran From Going Nuclear

By 06/11/2023 7:34 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, declared on Sunday that Western countries would be powerless to stop his nation from acquiring nuclear weapons.

He said, “Accusations that Tehran is seeking nuclear weapons are a lie, and they know it,” according to official media.

Due to our religious convictions, we do not desire nuclear weapons.

The West would not have been able to stop it otherwise.

The priest, who is 84 years old, gave a speech while being shown through a Tehran expo about the nation’s nuclear business.

As for the accord [with the West], Khamenei added, “There is nothing wrong with it, but the infrastructure of our nuclear industry should not be touched.”

He reaffirmed on Twitter that Iran is not seeking to develop nuclear weapons and said that the nation’s “enemies” are opposed to the country’s nuclear program because “our advancement in the nuclear industry is actually a key to making scientific progress in various fields.”

The Iranian government is against nuclear weapons because they are “used to commit mass destruction,” he said in a tweet a few minutes later.

We are adamantly opposed to war. It is against religion and in opposition to Islam.

This encompasses any form of WMD, be it atomic, chemical, or any other variety that could exist.

Khamenei stated in 2013 that if Israel attacked Iran, “we would turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into wastelands,” a stance that other Iranian authorities have adopted in subsequent years.

The Iranian cleric demanded the annihilation of Israel in a tweet on June 8 and claimed that “the only remedy is for it to perish and expire.” Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, informed Americans on the same day.

Antony Blinken, the secretary of state, stated that “returning to the nuclear agreement with Iran would not stop the Iranian nuclear program and that no arrangement with Iran will obligate Israel, which will do everything to defend itself.”


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