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VIDEO: Kiddush Hashem: Israeli Robotics Team Withdraws From Competition Due To Shabbos

By 04/23/2023 9:25 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Participants in the First Robotics Championship in Houston, Texas, included a group of kids from the Amit high school in Modiin, Israel.

The team was able to advance to the competition’s final round, only to learn that it was scheduled for Shabbos.

The team put a message stating why they would no longer be participating in their stand, demonstrating their steadfast adherence to religious principles.

“We have a religious Jewish heritage, and our faith plays a significant role in who we are. In the Jewish faith, Saturdays, or Shabbat, have special meaning because they are days when we unplug and concentrate on our spiritual well-being, families, God, and communities.

We would like to thank First for the opportunity to be here.

We also want to congrats all of our peer teams who helped make this event so inspiring for us.

We wish all teams the very best of luck in the competition.

As a result, our team will not be present and competing in the remaining match. We encourage you to visit our pit to learn more.

Widespread applause followed the announcement, and the chairman thanked the Israeli team “for reminding us of the importance of things outside of robotics.”

The Modiin squad had participated in international competitions before and relayed the Shabbat events.

They took part in an Australian competition in 2019 that took place from Thursday through Sunday, and they posted a sign on their booth indicating that they would be closed on Shabbat.




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