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Knesset passes the Meron Law, enabling Minister Meir Porush to control the Lag Ba’Omer celebrations

By 04/02/2023 8:37 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The Meron law, which governs the Lag Ba’Omer celebrations for 5783, was adopted by the Knesset. There were no votes against the bill, which had the support of seven MKs.

The bill, proposed as a temporary measure by the Jerusalem Ministry under Meir Porush, allows for the management of the current year’s festivities while protecting participant safety and preserving the festive ambiance at the site.

According to safety officials’ advice and the recommendations of the Meron Investigation Committee, the new rule limits the number of individuals permitted to visit Rabbi Shimon’s tomb.

The suggestions consider the substantial improvements made at the location, allowing larger participant gatherings.

As in past years, there will only be one Hadlakah (ceremonial lighting of a fire on the tomb’s roof). Other lighting ceremonies will occur in regions close to Moshav Meron that have been reorganized to serve as gathering places for different celebrations.

According to the law, “The Ministry for Jerusalem and Jewish Tradition shall be authorized to grant permits for other events based on the recommendation of the director of events who shall permit additional events by the professional conditions required at the main lighting ceremony.”

The law permits the erection of various temporary buildings, including food tents and other temporary structures certified by qualified engineers, during the celebrations.

Following the committee’s suggestions, safety inspectors can disperse crowds and cut various events short to warn of unsafe crowding in real time.

“We have presented a bill allowing us to organize the current festivities safely and pleasantly, with the maximum number of people participating in the Hillula, while maintaining the safety of all the guests,” Minister Porush remarked. We shall, God willing, achieve the finest outcomes thanks to the support of the general people and the skillful work of project manager Yossi Deitch.

We will start planning for the following year as soon as Lag Ba’Omer is over to make it as wonderful as possible.


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