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Labor Leader Michaeli Derides: ‘By You In The Bible, There Is No Acceptance Of The Rule Of Law

By 06/26/2023 11:19 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Labor leader Merav Michaeli made fun of the Tanach at a Knesset law committee hearing on the repeal of the “reasonability” provision, which allows courts to overturn laws and political decisions for “lack of reasonableness.”

According to Michaeli, “One of the fundamental principles of a democracy is that everyone is equal before the law.

The need that the government be held accountable to the law separates a democracy from a monarchy, from systems that were common in the Middle Ages or that you may have found in the Tanach.

Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu, the Heritage Minister, responded by quoting David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, who claimed that he was moved by their respect during their meetings in Washington.

Eliyahu said, “It is painful to witness the party of Ben Gurion, who declared that “Tanach is the soul of the Jewish country from its inception and throughout all generations,” being led by Merav Michaeli, a lady who exemplifies the depressing condition of a Jew cut off from her origins.

Such a lady has a lousy present and, at best, an uncertain future.

Michaeli’s assertion revealed her lack of knowledge of the Tanach, which amply indicates how rulers always had to abide by the rules of the kingdom.

In order to inherit Naboth’s vineyard, Achav wanted to kill him, but he required permission from the court to do so, so he had to find people to testify against him.

Similar to David, the king of Israel, who wanted to wed Bathsheva and needed to establish a halachic justification for Uriah’s deployment to the front lines of combat, was unable to instantly execute Uriah.

The populace revolted when Rehavam wanted to increase taxes for his own gain, causing the kingdom to split in two.

And Shaul’s children had to pay the price when he slaughtered the priests of Nov and left the Givonim without food.


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